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ratemyatheism's Journal

Rate My Atheism
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I made this because I thought it'd be fun ot have a "rate me" community. It's half parody, half serious. Please enjoy.


Are you an agnostic/atheist or want to be an atheist, and think you're awesome? If so, then apply for this community and see if you have what it takes.

These are the Commandments:

1. Thou Shalt Post Your Application Within 24 hours or Be Smote.

2. Thou Shalt Post One Face Pic and One Body Pic.

3. Thou Shalt Post "God? Who's That?" In The Subject Line.

4. Thou Shalt Put Your Info Under The LJ-CUT!

5. Thou Shalt Not Troll.



If you are accepted...

You must be active

Be Honest With Your Fellow Atheists/Agnostics

You must do this application to join!

Are you an agnostic or an atheist?:
Did you grow up religious?:
Bible Studies are:
Atheist Hero(es):
Evolution, Taught in Schools?:
What are you favorite bands?:
Favorite TV shows?:
Favorite books?:
Make us laugh:
Future, Current Jobs:
Your Favorite Freethought, Secular Humanism, Parody, or Atheist Site:

Post pictures of yourself and one atheist comic or cartoon:

Mods: mecrodynes & kyjoandahalf

Advertise: In your info page, put join ratemyatheism
Or if you have your own server you can use this one of these logos
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Made by shawny

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Made by kyjoandahalf

The interests page is huge but could be bigger. I did a lot of research but am still not done adding to it. Some people on there might be surprising but yes, they really are atheists. Except for Jesus, God, and some other people I might list of course :-p
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