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Name: E
Age: 20
Location: Wisconsin
Height: 5'9"
Are you an agnostic or an atheist?: I'm anti-christian/stupid
Did you grow up religious?: Yes, but not to any Western god
Bible Studies are: for brain-washing children and ignorant adults.
Atheist Hero(es): Me. Lucifer, by defination, cannot be athiest. Nietzche believed in god, just thought he was dead. Me. I am my own atheist hero.
Evolution, Taught in Schools?: Most definately. Fuck creationism of any sort in any school.
What are you favorite bands?: The Doors, Incubus, Metallica, John Lennon, random electronica DJ's
Favorite TV shows?: I don't watch tv.
Favorite books?: I, Lucifer. (greatest book ever, you must read this. [I love how you mortals think you can summon me. I'm the fucking devil! I was created first, I am second only to god. I show up when I damn well please!])
Make us laugh: Look in a mirror... or just read the bible.
Future, Current Jobs: Ruler of this world and the next, usurper of Lucifer's throne, and banisher of Yahweh. Right now I'm unemployed tho'.
Your Favorite Freethought, Secular Humanism, Parody, or Atheist Site:
http://www.livejournal.com/users/illucidnomad/5116.html, and I guess ratemyatheism is alright too... *sticks tongue out*

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In English, it says "Forgive me father, for I know what I do."

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Progress: Elections

I'm happy that the group is remaining active. I realize the first few votes and such are pretty much automatic but now we can really flex our skills. funhaus_mirror will just post their app soon and hopefully follow the directions which has been pretty well done by most of the applicants. I am glad to see us building. Like any group like this, the beginning is not so great but then we'll be able to get all kinds to do it. Now, I really need an addicted LJer to become a moderator as well. Who can do it? ami_vrai, you are a delightful leader but I don't want to run yourself thin. So let the voting begin.
Your choices are bottomdolla, subweird, aj, shawny, and perhaps ami_vrai.

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All comments must be stated either as a vote or press. As I stated earlier it starts at 6 a.m. Central (Tuesday) today March 22, 2005 and will go until 12 a.m. on March 23, 2005 (Wednesday)
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Community Promotion

I posted in the few promotion communities I belong to today. I'm in basically just a few ones that don't have rules but I'm also in community promo. I get to post in there on Saturday since it's been a week since my last promotion. The rules say that since we're a new community, we can only promote once a week there. I want to be responsible for posting in community promo since I don't think they'd appreciate all of us spamming them. I would like to thank aj for posting a promotion in his LJ. Due to his popularity on LJ, I'm sure he'll attract some members. All of us in this group are pretty popular actually. bottomdolla, you're the shite. Everyone knows you. ami_vrai, you are a very popular "LJ Babe" and I'm sure you can get plenty of atheists and agnostics here. subweird, you're a crazy bastard and I love you man. Plus you're pretty popular due to your comic cultural void and misantrophia. Also, check out www.subweird.com everyone. See, I help promote, you help promote. Also, if any addicted LJer in this group would like to become a mod, give me a ring in my LJ. Thanks everyone.
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